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Updated 08/08/18

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All  puppies are wormed and vaccinated according to their age.

I provide a written health guarantee, house training & care instructions. 

They are looking for their "Forever Home"

All of my dogs are very selectively bred to produce quality and genetically sound individuals.

Updated 08/08/18

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If you are inquiring about a pet puppy from one of my litters, please understand that I breed first and foremost to produce the next generation of show puppies. Show homes (including ours) have first priority. Also, because many want a red, smooth female, they can be difficult to come by; not that it doesn't happen, just be aware that they are often in greatest demand. You might want to consider a boy as they make equally good (or better in my opinion) pets when neutered. If you must have a female, consider a black & tan.   

Regarding price: The Dachshund is a breed that typically lives 12-15 years; so excluding any unforeseen illness, you are buying a companion that will be around for many years to come.  Because of the money I put into my dogs to ensure their good health, I am not interested in selling them for less. You will often find them cheaper in the newspaper. And quite honestly, if you are looking for a cheap puppy and do not care about health/temperament guarantees, that is where you should buy your puppy.

That being said, I occasionally have older puppies / adults that I have been holding onto for a variety of reasons. If / when I decide to sell those puppies / adults, it is usually at a slightly discounted price.

 ....just some helpful hints in your search for your dachshund companion.


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