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Mother, daughter train champion dogs
Published April 9, 1991

When I was about ten years old I spent a week during the summer with a cousin that lived in Orem, Utah.  They had a black and tan standard female Dachshund that was in whelp at the time.  While I was there she gave birth to five of the cutest puppies, three black and tans, and two red.  That was when the romance actually began.

About seven years later our neighbors gave me a red female Dachshund.  Her name was Noodles.  She had a litter of puppies, unfortunately not AKC.   I got a red male and named him Shorty. 

A couple of years later I took Noodles to Salt Lake City, Utah and had her bred to a red male owned by Marjorie Snodgrass, a co-worker.  She had two puppies. I kept the female and gave the male to my Mom and Dad.  At that point all of my dachshunds had been pets.

As a dachshund lover most of my life, in 1983 I decided I would like to try my hand at showing. I went to handling classes, fun matches, read books, talked with dachshund breeders and tried to learn all I could about the breed.

I met Connie Simmonds from Bountiful, Utah at a fun match.  She was an AKC judge at that time.   I told her about my interest in dachshunds and my desire to show.  She recommended I purchase the very best bitch puppy I could afford.  She recommended James and Billy Ruffell of Belleview, Washington, one of the country's top Miniature Smooth Dachshund Breeders at that time.  Connie was very instrumental in teaching me how to evaluate a dachshund and learn the ropes of showing.

In January 1984 I wrote a letter to the Ruffells, letting them know I had received a very high recommendation from Connie Simmonds a dachshund breeder and AKC Judge.  I was looking for a show potential bitch puppy and possibly breed later.  

From left to right Cristy Durfee with CH Durdach Own Image MS, 
                  Connie Durfee with CH Pawprints v Durdach Express MS 

a Canadian Import

The first part of February 1984 I received a letter from James Ruffell.  They had a black and tan female born 07/30/83.  She was sire by Lo-Dachs Lotza Psas MS out of CH. Lo-Dachs Little Harmony MS.  They had sent me pictures and a pedigree of the puppy.  It was love at first sight.

In March 1984 I received a beautiful black and tan bitch puppy I had my heart set on.  She was darling.  I named her Lo-Dachs Lotza Class MS, and called her L.C.  Unfortunately she. didn't like to show.  

At that point I felt I should have my own kennel name.  Well, my last name was Durfee, and how could I combine that with dachshund...  I thought Durdach, yes it will be Durdach.  

Later I purchased a black and tan male from the Ruffells.  I named him Durdach K.C. Bug-A-Boo MS and called him K.C.  He finished with four majors from the puppy class. He was my first champion and the first Miniature Smooth Champion Dachshund in Utah.  He was finished by Knox & Virginia Buchanan.   I was so excited!

I had the good fortune of owning and finishing the first five Miniature Smooth Champion Dachshunds in Utah. Several other champions in Utah were bred by me or came from my breeding.  The bloodlines came from some of the top producing kennels in the United States and Canada.  

For several years I didn't show Dachshunds.  I was helping my husband raise and show American Quarter Horses.  We traveled lots of miles, had many good times and much success in that arena...  My love for showing dachshunds kept nagging at me, so I pursued getting back into showing again

In 2008 I purchased a red female named Dynadaux Idle Gossip MS aka "Juicy" from Cyndy Senff of Dynadaux.  Juicy  finished her championship with all majors in two weeks.   I remember very well doing the Happy Dance when she finished her championship and couldn't have been more pleased.  I was back on track and in the show ring again. 

Cyndy has been a great friend and mentor.  I appreciate all she has done for me and look forward to a bright future.

I have since finished several other champions and look forward to many more.  Once you've fallen in love with dachshunds I believe it becomes an addiction... and I am truly addicted.

By Mary Ruth Hammond
Transcript-Bulletin staff reporter

I am still showing and love it !

Durdach Miniature Dachshunds
Connie Durfee
Grantsville, UT 84029